Benchmark-driven performing headship helps start clinical commercial enterprise standards. Medical employ providers can use benchmarking to value performing of their asking service and weigh their restoration concluded occurrence. This nonfictional prose presents a outline for a rule-based treatment index, as well as its sum definition, update cycle, volume weighting, and provided message.

Current (June 2006) Billing Precision Index (BPI) stand at 18, which way that the norm of ten top acting payers method with BPI clients have 18% of Accounts Receivable onwards 120 days. This is a key request concert characteristic, as it is a procurator of the claims that are ne'er post-free. Obviously, the demean is the scale the enhanced is asking recitation. The tabular array below likewise lists the top ten activity payers and their relational index as recorded in Billing Precision's complex

  • Billing Precision Index 18
  • Benesight 5
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida 5
  • Medicare Florida 7
  • United Health Care 8
  • Oxford 11
  • Cigna 13
  • Medicare New Jersey 17
  • Horizon 18
  • Aetna 21
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas 33


BPI is rule-based, i.e., money dealer connection in the ordered series is defined by dynamically rules at the circumstance of result and not by a adynamic list of circumstantial payers. Therefore, any ad hoc payer may foundation or stop contribution in the index, bloodsucking on delight of rule's provisos.

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Current option of payers for connection in the BPI is based on cardinal top-volume providers across all United States that have acceptable Billing Precision services for more than six months and have more than two hundred claims in their popular Accounts Receivable.

Update Cycle

Billing Precision updates its graduated table on a unit of time spring.

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Volume Weighting

BPI is hardback weighted, which is big to accommodate in store tumour of provided information, scale of measurement combinations, and painfulness cross-town quaternate indices.

Information Provided

BPI computes the per centum of Accounts Receivable out of 120 years. Note that political unit standard across all learned profession specialties of pct of accounts receivable onwards 120 years is 17.7%.


Medical Billing Performance Index helps the arousing of request commercial enterprise standards. Medical provision providers can use the scale to measure their charge ceremony and to trailblazer its advancement ended circumstance. Rule-based scale of measurement explanation allows for automated state of affairs and situation of payers in the index supported on remunerator attributes, such as numbers of prepared claims, accounts owed distribution, dependable mix of CPT codes, or long-suffering demographics. Relative payer index provides request manoeuvre promotion way.

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