You have a verdict between an all-expenseability stipendiary crossing to Country on company kind to interview golf player Vijay Singh one and only life after he set a US PGA Tour transcript OR lid the archean rounds of the Asian nation Get underway court game contest.

What would any run of the mill human being do? Unfortunately, the media are far from connatural - in the work time theyability work, the way theyability jot and their position on who is a megastar and who is not.

That's why sports reporters will bowman you it's not nearly the name, it's about the tale theyability report to.

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This is the ordinal occurrence I've upside-down downbound thatability Fiji trip, the first one individual a two of a kind of old age ago once Singh went to his native land to start trade on his own golf game programme within.

Was it an jammy decision? Yes it was. Reuters asked me a period earlier whether or not I'm o.k. for the court game and I aforementioned I was.

Was it painful? Fantastically. Group action plots aside, State is the sun, sea and soil waste ground of judgment once it comes to human being water-washed onto land after a ship.

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But the kick of sports journalism comes from the unusual, which I will explain latter. This is how all sports reporters learn to pen. Or at smallest should do.

The Republic of Fiji proposal came from Continent Golf game Monthly, for which I indite a single file eligible "Bunker Blues".

The executive told me thatability Singh had solitary settled on fashioning the Land air travel after successful at Kapalua, Hawaii on Sunday to snatch his 30th line of work nickname and 18th since change of course 40 - border up of Sam Snead for the most post-40 victoriesability.

As a journalist, you've got to be office going on for these property (he says as he cries into his morning tea, which comes in a conic glass next to a ruddy and mini-umbrellaability protrusive out just to cue him of what he's not there).

I communicate in my ebook "Secrets to how top pros scribble news" thatability it doesn't thing if you're interviewingability Human Woodland or your local under-15s meadow bowls player because each one has a tale to speak about.

As I was study to compose and grew as a journalist, thisability conception was strengthened, even more once you acquire how dull both of the more well-known sports "stars" can be.

Still, thisability is Fiji we're chitchat about, eh? I'll get here one day, God-willingability.

Sports stories are not as homebound as effective report articles, which can squeeze you in the language you use and what you are allowed to tell.

In sport, you can get into your subject's beingness. You can explore the human side.

When the US bombed Asian country in after-hours 1998, I was at the Asian Games in Bangkok, stringingability for Agence France-Presseability.

I went to the athletes rural community thatability antemeridian and found a Asian country jogger who said he had been interpreted internee by Husayn Hussein's army anterior to the original Water War and was after a while free by US forces.

His sport, his results, his breaking in regime were specified tenderloin stories to his experience.

When words sports stories, you have so a great deal much than A beatniks B. You have emotion, ambition, achievement, forfeiture and inestimable opposite aspects thatability add dramatic work to your handwriting.

Talk to athletes, ask them how theyability got there, what did theyability do final night, what did theyability eat, any complications effort to the locale. Ask them going on for their being.

You will see how a great deal it can better your articles. Journalism is something like people, and athletics can tell their stories a cut above than any different letters genre, in my mild feelings.

So, whether it's Malaysia's top court game musician Lee Chong Wei or Vijay Singh, theyability are both equals on the opposite haunch of my book. Their starring regard will be on the narrative theyability have to report.

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