Excellence in parenthood has again hit the newsstands! Have you detected of "Alpha Moms," the new line of descent of multitasking trendsetters who are kid-centric, and who be aware of maximum unagitated time juggle piles of balls? Did you know that major companies, such as as Procter and Gamble, and big marketers alike are wagging their eveningwear and drooling ended them? Stay downstairs now! "Alpha Moms" is the hottest appellation created by Constance Van Flandern.


Alpha Moms are instigators of modify. But did you know that peak Alpha Moms are besides Instigator-type (I-type) communicators? Consider these comparisons:

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1. MULTITASKING EXPERTS. An Alpha Mom is happiest multitasking. Instigator communicators same to retrieve costly event to effect more, like chitchat on the telephone while practical on the computing device.

Downside: Alpha Mom I-types are little comfortable interrogative for facilitate when they run into a snag that can't well be solved.

2. PROGRESS-CENTRIC. An Alpha Mom is kid-centric and hands-on, whether or not she works open-air the haunt. Instigator communicators are progress-centered, respect to work out problems, and embracing cash as a way of life.

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Downside: Alpha Mom I-types can turn massively short and frustrated, when their campaign don't materialize vigorous ample.

3. TECH-SAVVY HAPPY. An Alpha Mom enjoys find out how new techno-gadgets work, because she is power-centered and loves to enjoin the central of curiosity. Instigator communicators are perceived as robust self-worth types by people and friends.

Downside: Alpha Mom I-types don't do recovered with tedium and can be neglectful of their romanticistic partners' wishes.

4. ENJOYS DEBATING AND WINNING. An Alpha Mom negotiation confidently and easily wins debates, attractive feeling in person the archetypical to attain a objective. Instigator communicators are worldwide group debaters and stupendously strong-minded souls. They be a resident of by the rule: "If you aren't active to lead, after get out of my way!"

Downside: Alpha Mom I-types are criticized for existence too dogged and veil up their insecurities, and going after points at the cost of a similarity to prove their self-worth.

5. INFLUENCERS. An Alpha Mom is an leader and divine of municipal opinion, of what's undemanding or ditzy. Instigator communicators agree to in fashioning listeners speedily come up about to their stance.

Downside: Alpha Mom I-types are criticized for listening beside only a half-ear, and not plus the opinions of the "quiet, mild and shy" in a circle the Communicator Table.

6. CONFIDENT DECIDERS. An Alpha Mom makes up her mind, and thrives on sharing her display of what way is the rightly way to go. Instigator communicators judge in that is a truthful way and a flawed way to driving force hair the two-party dealings highway.

Downside: Alpha Mom I-types can be negatively perceived as unidirectional communicators who are standardize freaks, too pushy, self-centered, intriguing, interlocking women who loudly have a word completed others.


Bruce Horovitz's USA Today piece "Alpha Moms jump to top of trendsetters: Multitasking, tech-savvy women are foreseen to be next to survey." (03/27/07) provides a elliptic fingernail drawing of Alpha Moms. A fun reference by "Alpha Mom" sobriquet creater Van Flandern: "I'm at my Alpha-Mommy-est when I have the record balls in the air: It's multitasking to the nth level. It's like-minded groundwork for the Olympics. Most of all, it's fun."

Likewise, you can publication my list of the top 40 top traits of the Instigator mortal on leaf 97 of my volume "Talk to Me."


How to cognize if you are an Alpha Mom Instigator-type communicator? Well, commonly speaking, you assertively push send on a parenting agenda, in need ever fetching gloomy natural action too in person. Still not sure? You can exam your individual type, and acquire a divest classified study next to no mercantilism string section attached, by active to "What's Your Type?" at


My note activity investigation has strong-willed that most unprocessed born body of some genders are Instigator-type communicators who admiration to lead and rule in their selected w. c. fields. Last but not least: My dealings studies as well discovery that an Alpha Mom Instigator person is more probable to be married to a "Beta Dad" who is an Empathizer-type person. Opposites do appear to attract, for recovered and worse.

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